Wood/White & Coffered Ceilings

Wood/White & Coffered Ceilings

Three-d Real Wood
Above:Three-D I, oak (3D1OF) in tan T-grid. Available in matte white styrene, use as is or paint: see 3D1WF, white styrene.Panels are Class A fire resistant. 

Oak Three-d CeilingAbove: Three-D I Cherry in Black T-grid.
See pictures of ThreeD I Installed in Office.

Photo of white Three-D I panels above a hot tub.Three-D panels are available special order in numerous finishes! 500 minimum, call for details. 

Three-d Real wood

Cherry Three-d Ceilnig 
Three-D III linear real wood:

Three-D III linear real wood system clips on to a std 15/16" T-grid. Special order with 500 sqft minimum and quoted being custom made to wood species and stain desired. Available with Class A fired rated core and finish. Standard size is 3.75" wide by 9/16" planks with a 1/4" reveal between. Special clips are available to make planks removable for access in specific areas. 

See picture of ThreeD III 

Detailed Drawing of clip-on system to T-grid. 

Mahogany Three-d ceiling 
Shown: Solid wood Tambour #T864 (2" strips, 1'x8' panels) special ordered in mahogany and brad nailed up to ceiling joists. For a sheet rocked ceiling, fur out and brad nail to the furring strips. Check out our 3' & 6' Bamboo planks for ceilings and walls! Also use our Tambour panels for wood ceilings, such as red oak Tambour T831FRP or T631FRP (2" or 1.5" strips, 4x8 sheets). (see 2" Red Oak, stock No. T831FRP. Panels shown are unfinished, so poly/stain to match your decor)Call for details on our 025 anodized aluminum for mirrored aluminum ceiling tiles, interior finish and case goods.

Three-D thermoformed ceiling tiles are available in two designs: Three-D I white/wood raised panel design or Three-D II white/wood coffered design are very decorative 23"x23" ceiling panels. (see the Three-D II white styrene coffered design) Three-D I/II panels are installed into a std 15/16" T-grid system or can be glued-up to a sheet rocked ceiling. Reface old sagging ceiling tiles! 
Three-D I panels protrude 3/4" below the grid creating a unique and elegant interior and offer a decorative solution for recessed areas. Availble is 1" wide psa wood grain to cover the T-grid (app 4' needed per panel). Use our Three-D panels in highly humid areas such as above hot tubs as they won't absorb moisture or warp. Panels are cleanable (closed cell) so USDA approved to use in kitchen prep areas. Three-D I styrene panels are Class A fire resistant and have some acoustical absorbtion (NRC app .30) when bonded to a std fire rated acoustical ceiling tile. 
Three-D I is stocked in maple and oak wood grain styrene pluscherry wood grain and matte white styrene that you leave as is or paint (see white Three-D I panels). ( Panels are Class A Fire Resistant and have some acoustical absorbtion (NRC app .35). See tests results at bottom of page. 1'x1' samples are no charge. 

EMAIL us info@GSP.net 

Three-D I panels can be cut to installpartial panels at the perimeter of the room. Panels look excellent with the open end only 1" from the wall. Another option is to layout the room to allow for full panels by making a sheet rocked soffit at the edge of the room. (ID measurement for coffered area created by the soffit is number of panels x 24" plus 1") 
Also use on walls:Three-D I panels can be installed for wall covering, wainscot and counter fronts. Each panel butts up tightly to the next rather than having space between. See installation instructions. Three-D panels can also be glued to sheet rocked ceilings creating a monolithic look

Three-D II White styrene Coffered see Executive design in matte white styrene. 
Three-D II white coffered panelsinstall into a std 15/16" T-grid or can be glued up to a sheet rocked ceiling with only 1/4" spacing between each panel. Also shortly will be available in maple, oak and cherry wood grain with 1" wide psa matching wood grain to cover the T-grid (app 4' needed per panel). It is recommended to build a soffit at the edge of the room (two edges for less work?) to avoid partial panels. However, matching wood grain is available to laminate flat partial panels. Three-D II panels are a "drop out ceiling panel" and therefore are recommended to be used under a sprinkler system. (Loctite power grab adhesive) 

Three-D III - Real Wood Coffered Ceiling Systems. Special order, app $22/sq ft. for coffered panels. System utilizes std 15/16" T-grid. 

Wall & ceiling glue-up Installation Instructions 
Ceiling Installation Instructions into T-grid

CLASS A FIRE TEST RESULTS: (less than/equal to 25 for flame spread and 450 for smoke developed is defined as Class A)
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